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Find below resources to other organisations supporting the future of cash.

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UK Cash Supply Alliance

"The UK Cash Supply Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to engage with and connect organisations across the cash supply chain with UK government, regulators, trade associations, the retail sector and the public."


Telegraph - 'Keep Cash Campaign'

"Britains best-loved retailers have backed Telegraph Money's new Keep Cash campaign, which aims to secure the future of physical currency."



"Cash is a necessity millions couldn’t live without, and a backup for everyone when online systems fail. But with banks and free-to-use ATMs disappearing at an alarming rate, we’re concerned some people may be left behind.

Help us protect cash as a payment option by signing the petition."


Age UK

"Age UK calls on the Government to guarantee access to cash for all"



Evening Standard

"Research shows that almost 40% of Londoners use cash on a weekly basis.Access to cash has reduced following the reduction in the number of free-to-use cash machines - a trend that has been exacerbated by the pandemic and fears about hygiene when handling cash."


Post Office

"We are campaigning to ensure there is an obligation on banks to provide access to cash withdrawal and deposit services, free at the point of service, for both consumers and businesses who rely on cash day-to-day, no matter where they live or work in the UK."



Huffington Post

"In theory, a cashless society would be faster, more convenient and less likely to spread germs. But for the less privileged, it could sever the important lifeline that cash provides."


Sky News

"More than half of the country's banks have stopped allowing customers to withdraw cash or pay in notes and coins over the counter, while shops and other merchants are permitted by law to refuse cash payments. It has led to unhappiness among hundreds of thousands of pensioners. A backlash got fully under way when both Ikea and the country's hospitals announced they were no longer accepting cash."




"Back our campaign to save our cash lifeline. The Government now needs to act to protect our cash industry and people's access to cash.

GMB have consistently warned against sleepwalking into a cashless society which will not only cost thousands of jobs, with banks closing branches and ATMs at an alarming rate, but will also affect the lives of those who rely on cash in everyday life."



"Following the success of our #SaveOurCashpoints campaign, FSB and the consumer group Which? have launched a fresh, broader initiative aimed at protecting free access to cash all over the country."



Positive Money

"Cash is relied on by millions, and particularly by already marginalised groups. Payments are an essential service and must be kept in public hands, not handed over to big banks, tech giants and card companies."


Cash Matters

"Cash Matters is a civil society movement, funded by the International Currency Association (ICA), that channels voices that support the existence and relevance of cash as an integral part of the payment landscape now and in future."



Cash Essentials - Podcast Series

"The Cash & Crises Podcast from CashEssentials: Conversations with experts on major issues facing the use of cash by societies in crisis."


The Guardian

"The cashless society is a con – and big finance is behind it."



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