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Cash is something we 
often take for granted. 
But we should all care about

People’s perspectives on cash have largely been shaped by coordinated campaigns that have sought to make us view it as inconvenient, unhygienic and immoral.

Here we take a look at the ongoing role of cash in our lives.

Cash allows us all to participate as equals in society, without having to conform to the profile of a ‘profitable customer’. It allows us to transact freely with one another, without anyone else’s knowledge or consent.

Cash protects against the total dominance of big corporations and financial institutions. This is because it gives us the ability to take money ‘out of the system’. While we have the power to make a ‘run on the banks’, we have influence.



Cash enables everyone to participate. It is inclusive of all, including children, the elderly, those who lead alternative lifestyles and those who simply value privacy.

While big corporations push us toward card payments, local businesses value cash. Spending cash locally means the money is more likely to stay in the local economy, supporting independent business owners.



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Cash supports the ‘true’ shop small, shop local initiative

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