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Big corporations, banks and the government repeatedly tell us that cash is dead. This is perhaps unsurprising, given that they would profit from a cashless society.


Millions of regular people and business owners value freedom, independence and community, and continue to use cash regularly. But this doesn’t make the headlines. 


CashWelcome is here to demonstrate the widespread public support for cash, and give a voice to the diverse groups across society that choose to use it.

No matter who you are or how you choose to live, cash gives everyone the opportunity to participate as equals in society.

What world do you want to live in?

supports this

A cashless society
supports this

  • Local, independent businesses

  • Having full control of your money

  • Being able to function without technology

  • Spending within your means

  • Keeping your financial transactions private

  • Recirculating money in your local economy

  • Improving social inclusiveness and equality

  • Global corporations

  • Your money being fully controlled by financial institutions

  • Being totally dependent on technology

  • Spending beyond your means

  • Sharing all of your financial transactions with corporations and the government

  • Consolidating wealth in large financial centres

  • Increasing social division and wealth inequality

Paying by card or contactless is not wrong. But the constant bombardment in the media telling us that cash is dead is leading many (particularly younger) people to believe it is obsolete.


In fact, in a world increasingly dominated by global corporations and autocratic governments, having cash has never been more important. Together, we need to set the record straight.

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When you see

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know that you are free to choose.

We are pro-choice, not anti-progress.

We are not against card payments. They have an important place - but not at the expense of freedom. Cash is the lifeblood of independent community. It is important that people are given the choice.

We give cash an independent voice

Anti-cash campaigns, funded by corporations and governments, have pushed many people to see cash as unfashionable, unsafe and the choice of criminals.

In 2017, launching their #CashfreeAndProud campaign, Visa openly discussed their “war on cash” and “strategy to make cash 'peculiar' by 2020”. It is fair to say that this campaign, and others like it, were very effective.

CashWelcome provides an easy way for local businesses and communities to share their support for cash - and demonstrate that it isn’t 'peculiar' at all.

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We see the
bigger picture

Often, articles in the media ‘supporting’ cash focus on the risk of a cashless society excluding the vulnerable.


Not only does this make a cashless society appear inevitable, it further marginalises the use of cash - making it appear that only the vulnerable use it.


Protecting the vulnerable is important. But it is not only the vulnerable who want or need cash to remain.


Cash supports the ‘true’ shop small, shop local initiative

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